About Me

I'm a natural empath and intuitive my spiritual journey began at a very young age. 

I've always had a natural interest in human behaviour and psychology and this was combined with an innate passion to help others to heal, this desire has now grown into a thriving holistic healing practice and educational network. 

Laura has been continually deepening her knowledge since her early beginnings, attending numerous international seminars, including training and assisting trainings with Vianna Stibal the founder of ThetaHealing. She is passionately dedicated to ThetaHealing & has attained the much prized "Certificate of Science", the pinnacle of achievement in the ThetaHealing world. She is also a psychotherapist and has additional training in specialized areas such as addiction, trauma and working with the inner-child. Laura's vocation to helping others has been transformational to her client's and student's lives, helping them to achieve their goals, dreams, desires and remarkably improve their lives. 

Laura's additional training in counselling and psychotherapy allows her to swiftly get to the root of presenting issues. In addition Laura works on ingrained limited beliefs that emerge from our life experiences and traumatic events that may prevent healing through other conventional methods. She is committed to providing a safe, professional, non judgemental, empathetic and supportive service to her clients. Her overall goal is to enable greater well-being, health  and happiness to come alive in all her clients.