Awaken the magical capacities that lie within

Accelerate or awaken your psychic abilities 
Dissolve your internal barriers to a successful career
Open the floodgates to the prosperity that you have been unconsciously blocking

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Basic DNA

3-Day Live Workshops in London and Dublin 

How can you tell if this live workshop is for you?



☆ You are a healing practitioner and want to expand your skill set to serve your clients even better than you are right now

☆ You have taken more workshops around changing your life than you can remember and NOTHING has changed

☆ You are tired of paying practitioners to heal you-you want to learn how to do it yourself

☆ If you feel called to be a healer but don’t know any healing techniques, Basic DNA will put you on the road to opening a practice using a powerful technique that has helped millions of people around the world

☆ If you would like to be certified as a ThetaHealing ® practitioner, this class qualifies you for that certification.


How can you tell if this live workshop is not for you?



☆ You love frittering money away on one healer after another

☆ You really don’t want your life to change. You may not not love it, but at least you know what you’re dealing with.

☆ You’re satisfied with staying on the hamster wheel you have been on for years or decades

☆ You’re afraid your relationships will change if you start loving and respecting yourself


Live Workshop


Course Summary

You will learn how to:


☆ Stop blaming yourself for what is wrong in your life

☆ Let go of making everything your fault

☆ Quit punishing yourself for existing / Quit making yourself wrong for existing

☆ Release the hidden shame that’s holding you back

☆ Accelerate or awaken your psychic abilities

☆ Dissolve internal barriers to a successful career

☆ Open the floodgates to the prosperity that you have been unconsciously blocking

☆ Revive a faltering relationship

☆ Open your heart to new love

☆ Delve into the enchantment of the spiritual realm

☆ Raise your vibration

☆ Access more energy

☆ Create balance in your life

☆ Develop self-confidence

☆ Waking up the healing capacity slumbering within you

☆ Take a journey within to meet the human body

☆ Communicate with your guardian angels and guides


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Live Workshop

8th, 9th & 10th of March - Dublin 2019 (Dublin 4)



There are no pre-requisites. Please bring a pen and paper, and wear something comfortable.



The 5 brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Theta;

  • Activate your intuition

  • Access the Theta brainwave & connecting to the Creation Energy that exists in all things;

  • Intuitively scan the human body for energetic blocks and illness

  • Muscle test for subconscious beliefs & feelings with Applied Kinesiology

  • Create the reality you would like by changing limiting beliefs

  • Identify and instantly change/replace limiting beliefs on the Core, Genetic, History and Soul Levels

  • Learn skills to assist you in finding core beliefs;

  • Let go of old fears, anger, resentment, & rejection easily

  • Co-create a physical healing with the Creator of All That Is

  • Understand the role the subconscious mind plays in manifesting and healing

  • Attract your soul mate to you, or reignite the spark in your current relationship

  • See your possible future & how to change it

  • Manifest through Theta Healing – create what you want in your life now

  • Learn & receive the 12-strand DNA & the  Youth & Vitality activations

  • Discover &/or Remember your life’s purpose.



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The early bird investment is €441.
After January 28th 2019 the rate will be €487.

  • 8th, 9th & 10th
  • March
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Please do not be fooled by this young lady’s youthful appearance. Laura Mason has a maturity, wisdom and understanding which is beyond her years,. I have experienced many different healing modalities and courses in different parts of the globe. and I consider Laura to be an exceptionally accomplished Teacher. Her ability to understand and provide wise counsel was appreciated by everyone who attended her courses with me. Like all great Teachers, she exudes a quiet confidence together with a pleasing humility and great kindness. These qualities combined with her great sense of humour, ensured that Laura’s classes were very enjoyable and memorable for all who had the good fortune to be in attendance.
— Una Mc Gurk, Solicitor, Ireland
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