“Laura is amazing! Whenever I spend time with her, I learn so much. She is incredibly knowledgeable and presents information in such a clear and easy-to-understand way. Her insight into so many issues has enabled me to have a greater understanding of our behaviours, especially within the family dynamic. Her ability to find the main issue effecting me so quickly is so powerful and I always leave feeling brighter and shinier. I am so grateful for all the help and guidance she has given me and am so glad our paths have crossed. I cannot recommend Laura enough!”

“The Theta Basic course was LIFE CHANGING, Laura is such a connected and intuitive healer, she is amazing”

Ruth Meyer, Ireland


“I have had the pleasure of receiving many profound healings from Laura through her connection with source energy. Her webinars are amazing! Laura connects and gets information from source energy that is life-changing. I am a master theta healing instructor/practitioner and I still love to listen and learn from her on each webinar. If you are thinking of a session or taking a class I highly recommend Laura Mason!!!”


“I can highly recommend Laura Mason and her teaching style having taken some of her classes in Dublin. She is the embodiment of unconditional love, so much so that her aura fills the room and her intuition is second to none. She holds space in a high vibrational way, so everyone feels safe and supported. Room for expansion has been created and the old is blasted with love. The result, deep transformational healing, joyful resolution and peace and understanding on all levels. I feel honoured to have Laura as one of my Teachers, her knowledge is vast and nothing is too much trouble. She is indeed a special Soul, doing this work in alignment with purpose.”


“I am so glad to have connected with Laura initially through one to one sessions. Then I did Lauras course,and even now a few months later I still feel the downloads are working for me in my life I actually have healthy boundaries. I know and understand myself better than before, I can express myself and my needs. I have learned so many new skills as a result of Lauras course, how to connect to my inner child and the different aspects and parts of myself has been truly life-changing. I highly recommend Lauras’s groundbreaking course, the course material is so relevant for everyone and especially healers and energy workers of all kinds. I feel I have been equipped with the kind of information and skills to truly change my life. Thank you Laura combines her experience, strong connection, professionalism as a theta healer and a psychotherapist truly makes her a unique and talented healer. She is also kind, compassionate, sincere and authentically herself.”