Many healers, therapists and coaches unconsciously block themselves from success because they are afraid of being sen. There are many reasons behind this, including:

  • They have learned to be invisible as a way to survive. This may come from growing up in an environment which was unstable and unsafe.

  • They have poor self-esteem and are afraid people will see them as wrong and flawed.

  • They have a deep-rooted fear of conflict and fear being seen may lead to conflict.

  • They are unsure themselves

  • Fearing they will become famous and this may put their safety in jeopardy

  • Feeling socially awkward

  • Fearing they will not be accepted Fearing they will attract jealousy an, rage, anger and hate. 

Join Laura for Stepping into the light shining as a healer Online energy clearing webinar

On this energy clearing webinar, you will:

 Clear hundreds of limiting beliefs, feelings and patterns preventing you from being comfortable with being seen and being in the limelight.

Date and the time of the webinar:

Each call will last 70 minutes and you will receive recordings of each call if cant attend live.

April 21st

* Please note all calls will be London time BST. 

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